Adobe After Effects CC

What is After Effects?

Adobe After Effects is a motion graphics, visual effect and digital compositing application used in the post-production of film and television productions. With our Adobe After Effects Courses in Dubai, UAE (Live Online), you can learn advanced After Effects topics such as chroma keying, motion tracking, rotoscoping, VFX and motion design. Adobe After Effects is the king of motion graphics and Visual Effects with its robust C4D integrated 3D environment, blending modes and parenting, track mattes and expressions, sky is the limit. That is the reason why It is the go-to tool for industry experts and artists.

Course Overview

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Learn After Effects Like a Pro!

With our incredible Live Online After Effects courses in Dubai – UAE, get well versed with ins and outs of Adobe After Effects CC. You’ll get an in-depth look at what it’s like working on real life Motion Graphics and Visual Effects (VFX) projects.

Have your creative juices flowing right from the get go. Starting with absolute basics, we’ll get things up and running in a very systematic manner. So you get hold of concepts quickly and don’t develop bad habits to unlearn later.

What Will You Learn?

After Effects Foundations

After Effects Foundations

Pre-composing, masks & mattes, shape & text layers, parenting & rigging and timeline.

Working with Artwork

Working with Artwork

Importing and sorting files from Photoshop and Illustrator to animate and composite.

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

Keyframe animation, shape & text animation, keyframe interpolation and graph editor.

Video Terminologies

Video Terminologies

Frame rate, aspect ratio, interpreting alpha channels and dealing with interlaced footage.

Tracking and Rotoscoping

Tracking and Rotoscoping

From Point Tracking to Rotoscoping and Planar Tracking to 3D Camera Solving.

Keying and Compositing

Keying and Compositing

Green and Blue Screen Keying along with compositing multiple images together.

Course Summary

Our Live Online After Effects course in Dubai – UAE starts with intro to the interface. With a quick example project, we’ll create and render a simple Shape Animation Project and let you get familiarized with After Effects’ versatile Workspace and Creative Tools.

We’ll also learn the Six Primary Foundations of After Effects including Keyframe Animation and Project Organization. And we’ll end the day by looking at some of the basic functions of the Timeline and dealing with Adobe Illustrator (.ai) files in After Effects.

Day-02 of this After Effects course, begins with having a detailed look at Shape and Text Animations. Shape and Text layers give us some of the most advanced functionality. All thanks to their various characteristic animation properties and powerful animation engines.

Shape and Text Animations are literally the core of motion graphics in After Effects. And those combined with After Effects’ Layer Styles and Effects & Presets for detailing along with masks and mattes, take your motion graphics to the next level.

We’ll end our day of Live Online After Effects course in Dubai – UAE discussing about some of the video terminologies i.e. Codecs, Bit-Rate, Frame-Rate File Formats, Interlacing and Pull-Downs etc. before we learn to render out our artwork using After Effects’ native Render Engine and Adobe Media Encoder.

On Day – 003 of our After Effects Course, we’ll take the technical knowledge up a notch as we discuss about all the various types of keyframes and their interpolations. Next up, we’ll introduce a bit of expressions and how those and parenting features are linked in After Effects.

Out next project and one of the highlights of this After Effects Course in Dubai is the ball bounce. In this project, we’ll have an inside out look at the Graph Editor. We’ll compare the speed and value graphs and develop an understanding for manipulating the animation curves to apply the Principles of Animation.

With a decent knowledge of motion graphics, we’ll take our Visual Effects (VFX) knowledge up a notch. Our morning session for Day -04 of this After Effects course, begins with Rotoscoping in After Effects using Masks. Chroma Keying with Matte manipulation comes next, before we have a look at the After Effects’ native Tracker and Point Tracking in After Effects.

Having learnt tracking, we’ll take the similar principles to Stabilization as we have a look at Point Tracking Stabilization and Warp Stabilizer VFX. End of the training day of this After Effects Course in Dubai is going to be strong with learning to play with and manipulating After Effects’ powerful 2.5D/3D Environment and Virtual Cameras.

Our last day of this After Effects Course being the showstopper, begins with a full-fledged project involving Planar Tracking and Rotoscoping in Mocha Ae. We’ll do Screen Replacement, Compositing and Color Matching on our Planar Tracked footage right in After Effects.

Our second project of the day is another heavy weight that lets you have an in depth look at 3D Camera Tracking (also called Camera Solving or Match Moving) and compositing a Ray-Traced 3D Text in After Effects and doing a Multipass composite of a 3D Model from Cinema 4D Lite using Cineware Plugin.

Our final project of the day and the course, will be final Color Grading of various projects that we’ve finished throughout the course. And the end of this marvelous week long journey of our Live Online After Effects Course in Dubai, starts the beginning to open various doors for your career and the artist within you.

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Salman Khan Ghauri

Course Instructor

Salman Khan is The Master Trainer at The S Bit & The Foundry Official Training Partner. With areas of expertise expanding from graphics design to motion graphics, digital film production to post-production, 3D content creation to VFX compositing and over 12 years of in-field experience training staff from multinational companies, universities, TV channels and production houses makes him one of the most sought after trainers.

Salman Nuke Certified Trainer

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Our Students have this to say

Adobe After Effects CC Training Courses


  • Duration:
    2 Days (9am-3pm)

  • Course Description:
    This course covers the Basics of Adobe After Effects CC. In these 2-days you'll learn the 6 main components of After Effects. Be prepared to see why After Effects is one of the most popular Motion Graphics, Animation and Compositing software in the world!

  • What you will learn:
    • Introduction to After Effects

    • Importing and sorting assets

    • Working space customization

    • Video terminology

    • Understanding the timeline

    • Six foundation of After Effects

    • Basic animation

    • Working with Illustrator files

    • Animating shapes

    • Effects & Presets

    • Nesting compositions

    • Animating Text


  • Duration:
    3 Days (9am-3pm)

  • Course Description:
    This course covers Basics & Intermediate Adobe After Effects topics including some of After Effects' powerful VFX and 3D capabilities. Your road to creating captivating Motion Graphics and Visual Effects begins right here!

  • What you will learn:
    BRONZE Plus

    • Parenting

    • Using Blend Modes

    • Understanding time

    • Creating Variable Speed effects

    • Blending frames

    • Understanding Alpha channels

    • Working with Photoshop files

    • Track Mattes

    • Using Graph Editor

    • Using keyframe interpolation

    • Advanced Shape & Text animation

    • Mastering the timeline

    This course includes all the Bronze topics.
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  • Duration:
    5 Days (9am-3pm)

  • Course Description:
    This 5-day course will cover the Basics, Intermediate & Advanced Adobe After Effects techniques. Get ready to learn the hidden power of the rotoscoping, keying, tracking and After Effects' powerful 3D cameras and environment.

  • What you will learn:
    BRONZE & SILVER plus

    • 2.5D Compositing

    • Cameras and Lights

    • Animating using the Puppet tool

    • Green/Blue screen keying

    • Camera stabilization

    • Intro to Rotoscoping

    • 2D Tracking

    • Planar Tracking using Mocha Ae

    • 3D Camera Tracking

    • Using Cinema 4D Lite

    • After Effects Expressions!

    • EXTRA! In-class project for your showreel

    This course includes all the Bronze & Silver topics.

Who Should Attend?

Educators seeking to incorporate Creative Multimedia using After Effects into their syllabus, Pros seeking incorporate 3D into their workflow and/or up-skill from another version of Ae or equivalent and Students seeking to learn current and new features of Ae to get hired.

Assumed Knowledge

Before taking these After Effects courses, you should have a basic understanding of your computers operating system. For example, you should know how to launch an application, create and save files, and copy files from CD and other media.

Upcoming After Effects Classes

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