Adobe Illustrator CC

What is Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator is the essential tool for graphic designers and digital artists to create vector graphics. Our Adobe Graphic Design Courses in Dubai – UAE, allow you to get hold of graphic design concepts such as balance, proximity, alignment, repetition, contrast and space. These graphic design principles you can efficiently use in typography, company logos, illustrations, posters, charts & graphs, presentation decks, cartoon characters for animation and motion graphics & HUD elements both for print production and digital content.

Course Overview

Graphic Design Courses in Dubai

The Path to Vector Graphics with Illustrator!

Learn the ins and outs of Adobe Illustrator CC and Graphic Design with our  Graphic Design Courses in Dubai. You’ll get the in-depth knowledge of Vector Graphics and manipulating them to create complex pieces of artwork. Be it logo or poster design, web-design mockups or your next presentation.

Let your imaginations go wild right from the beginning with the basics. And charge your way forward to the advanced concepts in a very orderly and systematic way. You’ll be able to learn the tools and the concepts swiftly and feel confident about solving art & design problems.

What Will You Learn?

Vector Graphics Basics

Vector Graphics Foundations

Learn the main components of vector graphics in anchor points, paths, beziers and shapes



Improve your design with typography principles and concepts like kerning, tracking and leading

Layers and Sub-layers

Layers and Sub-layers

Illustrator’s powerful layering and sub-layering system enables you to put together your designs

Working with Color

Working with Color

Set yourself apart with understanding of color modes, harmonies and color managed workflows

Warping and Distorting

Warping and Distorting

Illustrator’s warping and distortions tools and effects offer non-destructive and procedural warps

Perspective Drawing

The Perspective Tools

Designing architectural layouts or isometric designs, the perspective tools are there for you

Course Summary

Our Adobe Illustrator graphic design courses in Dubai, UAE begin with having an overview of the interface and compare vector graphics and pixel-based content. We’ll discuss about which of the two is preferable for various platforms and how we can convert one from the other. Whether your artwork is going to end up on a digital platform like web or apps, or your artwork is going to end up as a printed piece in a book or a magazine.

Let’s learn the ins and outs of creating layers, sublayers and groups as we work with the basic shapes and work our way forward with The Mighty Path Finder Operations. Using the transform controls in Illustrator enables you to duplicate multiple shapes and combine them using path finder controls. We’ll end the day by saving our artworks optimized both for printing and digital mediums.

Taking our knowledge of vector shapes up a notch, we’ll be learning to create and manipulate custom shapes in Illustrator. Start of the Day 02 for our graphic design course, brings a quick exercise where we’ll be designing a poster using all the tools, we’ve learnt so far and a few more new tools and commands.

Working with and manipulating text and textual elements along with the use of rulers, grids and guides gives your artwork a certain sort of direction that is synonymous with graphics design. We’ll also have an in depth look at the aligning and distributing multiple shapes and vector elements to the artboards or among themselves.

The main event of the day-2 of this Graphic Design course in Dubai is the amazing Pen Tool. This is something that we’ll be using extensively throughout the course as we go forward. The Pen tool is like a swiss army knife when it comes to creating and modifying Beziers and Paths. Our carefully designed Pen Tool exercises ensure that you learn this amazing tool with full confidence and authority.

Paths without Fills and Strokes are just like the skeletons without flesh. So, to put some flesh and skin on our paths, we’ll be learning about Solid and Gradient Fills and Strokes. Talking about strokes, we’ll also use some of the preset width profiles and learn to create custom Stroke Widths as we create our final exercise to finish up the artwork.

As we move towards the intermediate phase of our graphic design course in Dubai, we tend to also put all the newly learnt tools and commands together and sort of mature up our knowledge of working with vectors, text and color all together. All these topics, we’ll be taking a deep dive learning about all of them in great detail along with some more advanced topics and tools.

Compound paths, clipping masks and an in depth look at the Powerful Layers’ Panel is the order of the day. We’ll be learning about the Knife and Scissors tools and we’ll be filling our shapes and paths with Gradients and creating reusable swatches. Illustrator and Photoshop Effects are the things that we’ll applying on our shapes and paths.

Lastly, we’ll have a look at working with dashes and arrows on our Strokes to create various types of edges and seams. We’ll also have a look at creating and applying Paragraph and Character Styles for our Point and Area Text.

Working with color both in terms of color combinations and color gamuts is of extreme importance when it comes to creating artworks for print and digital realm. Day – 04 of our graphic design course in Dubai brings the understanding of color managed workflow and recoloring artwork with Color Harmony rules. Working with Pantone, Spot and Process colors is something that we’ll be discussing as well.

Shape Builder Tool is another versatile tool used to create Logos and general shapes that we’ll do a few exercises on. Next up, we’ll be creating and working with various types of Brushes right inside of Illustrator. Multiple Opacities, Blending Modes and Opacity Masks are the topics that are next in line as we discuss about working with Dynamic Effects and The Appearance Panel.

Last day of our Graphic Design course in Dubai brings about the concept of working with Dynamic 3D Effects in Illustrator. We’ll be learning to Extrude, Revolve and Rotate shapes in three dimensions. You’ll also be learning about creating and using symbols that can also be wrapped on a 3D mesh created using the 3D Effects.

Another way to make your Vector Objects look realistic is to use Gradient Meshes and we’ll be learning about that. One of the last topics of the course is to understand perspective and putting & creating your Architectural Vector Artwork along a certain perspective using Illustrator’s Perspective Grid and Perspective Selection tools.

At the very end, we’ll have a look at the workflow of working with and combining Photoshop and Illustrator in conjunction. And that’s how we end our Adobe Illustrator GOLD graphic design course.

Salman Profile Pic

Salman Khan Ghauri

Course Instructor

Salman Khan is The Master Trainer at The S Bit & The Foundry Official Training Partner. With areas of expertise expanding from graphics design to motion graphics, digital film production to post-production, 3D content creation to VFX compositing and over 12 years of in-field experience training staff from multinational companies, universities, TV channels and production houses makes him one of the most sought after trainers.

Salman Nuke Certified Trainer

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Our Students have this to say

Adobe Illustrator Courses


  • Duration:
    2 Days (9am-3pm)

  • Course Description:
    This course covers the Basics of Adobe Illustrator. This 2-day course covers the fundamentals of Adobe Illustrator which provides participants with all the necessary knowledge and skills to start using Adobe Illustrator CC.

  • What you will learn:
    • Customizing the Interface

    • Keyboard shortcuts

    • Understanding Vector Graphics

    • Touring the workspace

    • Working with documents

    • Creating for web and print

    • Guides, rulers & grids

    • Using Artboards

    • Selections and Transformations

    • Understanding CMYK & RGB


  • Duration:
    3 Days (9am-3pm)

  • Course Description:
    This course covers Basics & Intermediate Adobe Illustrator topics. You'll learn how to work with layers, sub layers, working with swatches, creating shapes and paths, gradients, text and much more.

  • What you will learn:
    BRONZE Plus

    • Layers & Sub Layers

    • Creating color swatches

    • Compound paths & shapes

    • Cutting with Knife & Scissors

    • Making Gradients

    • Working with vector Text

    • Selecting fonts (TypeKit)

    • Using Glyphs

    • Working with Fills & Strokes

    • Creating dashes & arrows

    This course includes all the Bronze topics.
ribbon yellow right save


  • Duration:
    5 Days (9am-3pm)

  • Course Description:
    This 5-day course will cover the Basics, Intermediate & Advanced. You learning continues with Advanced topic such as, 3D effects, Warp & Distort, the new Perspective Drawing, the Appearance Panel...etc

  • What you will learn:
    BRONZE & SILVER plus

    • Dynamic 3D effects

    • Warp & Distort

    • Liquify and Gradient Meshes

    • Perspective drawing

    • Working with Photoshop & Illustrator

    • Using the Scatter brush

    • Using the Art brush

    • The Appearance panel

    • Using clipping masks

    • EXTRA! In-class project for your portfolio

    This course includes all the Bronze & Silver topics.

Who Should Attend?

Graphic designers or people getting into a design job or taking up design responsibilities where Adobe Illustrator use is required to create illustrations, logos, advertisements or other graphic documents. They may have little or no experience with Illustrator.

Assumed Knowledge

Basic computer skills are necessary to complete these Illustrator graphic design courses. These skills include; a basic understanding of a computer’s operating system, launching an application, creating and saving files, and copying files from CDs and other media.

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