The course included a full material of all the basic till the advanced topics in Adobe After Effects, and this is what I needed exactly. I have learned lots of new effects, tips and tricks like shape and text layers animators, blending modes, alpha channels and video terminologies. As well as new technical skills like 2D and 3D camera tracking, rotoscoping, camera stabilizing, screen keying and much more. The course did meet my expectations. I applied for this course specially to have a closer look into what are the other features of Adobe After Effects, and I’m happy with what I learned.

I feel more confident with my skills now as I can use what I learned to help the other designers with their renders. The trainer Salman Khan Ghauri was very knowledgeable and helpful and it all shows in his way of introducing the course, using the software like an expert, answering my questions and giving me more than one solution. I’ll absolutely recommend my friends to take courses with The S Bit, not just related to After Effects, but also to the other software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and more.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Fatima Alsuwaidi

Animator – Dubai World Trade Centre